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  • Where kids walk in

    and innovators walk out
  • Discover exciting career possibilities

    and learn to make positive contributions to society
  • Develop Strategy, build robots using

    cutting-edge technology, and compete head-to-head-
  • Develop Strategy, build robots using

    cutting-edge technology, and compete head-to-head-


TechGarage is a year round program designed to faciliate middle school and high school students who want to compete in robotic competitions. TechGarage is MakerSpace for kids focused on building robots. Practice is twice a week and we are typically open from 6-8 three-four nights a week and Saturday morning from 10-2 and Sunday from 3-8. Each team will figure out when they want to meet and we try and balance out the teams on different nights based on the number of teams participating. This year we will add one night during the week reserved for girls who want to participate in the program.


Students compete in the First Tech Challange (  http://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/ftc) in the Fall in teams of four. FTC has over 4,000 teams world wide and is growing 30 percent a year. We want members to self organize into teams as much as possible where working with friends is always more fun and helps minimize team dynamics. For individuals who can not find a team we will coordinate forming teams based on age and skill level. If we can not find an initial team that is a good fit in a reasonable amount of time we will refund membership fees for the Fall program. Members will be able to invite friends who have not participated in prior TechGarage programs with the goal of having four members per team. Beyond learning how to build robotics working with other team members and dealing with winning and losing with Gracious Professionalisms are important life skills.

For teams with a minimum of three members(fourth member to be added later) who are signed up by August 15th will be eligible to participate in a 30 hour build on September 10-11 when the new game is announced worldwide at noon for the 2016-2017 season. TechGarage(located in the FAU TechRunway building) will be open until midnight on September 10th and reopen September 11th at 7 am. Teams will set their own build schedule with the goal of having robots compete at 6 pm on Sunday. This is meant to be a fun event and we will have many teams from the league building robots.

All teams will participate October 15, 2016 (FTC Scrimmage Event - This is a day of building and practice for teams. 8am to 3pm).

Teams are required to compete in at minimum one tournament to qualify for the league championship. Depending on the number of teams in the league we may add an additional tournament. 

November 12, 2016 (FTC League Tournament #1 - 8am to 5pm on Saturday).

December 17, 2016 (FTC League Tournament #2 - 8am to 5pm on Saturday).

The top 16 teams in the league based on win-loss percentage in tournament and team video will get an invitation to the League Championship on January 14, 2017 (FTC League Championship - 8am to 5pm on Saturday).


For the Spring program members will have the opportunity to compete in either the FAU UAV Drone Competition on May 20th or in MATE underwater robotics(May time frame). 

High School members and highly motivated middle schools students will be able to participate in the FRC robotics competition which starts first week of January and will compete in late March or April. 





Registation is closed. Please contact Scooter Willis or send us email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .




STEM HQ began in 2013 as a community based non-profit (EIN 46-2516444) to make it easy for students who are interested in building a robot to form teams and compete in FLL. In 2013, we started 11 teams based in Boca and Delray that met twice a week for practice and competed in two regional tournaments. We are basically bringing the model of baseball, basketball, soccer etc. to robotics. STEM HQ provides the equipment, practice locations and technical mentoring for the students removing the challenges associated with starting a team. STEM HQ coordinates two FTC teams and a FRC team consisting of some incredibly talented students at Delray Atlantic High.

In 2015, the program expanded to year round and we supported at our TechGarage facility 8 FLL teams, 14 FTC teams, and 1 FRC team. We also expanded programs in the Spring to year round members to participate in MATE, Drones and Ten80. 

To learn more about members of the STEM HQ team please visit http://www.stemhq.org/about-us


Eagles Robotics Xperience

In 2014, the team was undefeated in South Florida and was ranked 5th in the state (out of 150 teams). They were the finalist alliance at the Florida State Championship and the United States Southern Division Super Regional. 

They advanced to the FTC World Championship in St. Louis Missouri, which they won. 


All net proceeds from the TechGarage Summer Robotics Camp will be used to support competitive robotics programs in the coming year. STEM HQ is very focused on outreach to get more girls involved and will be working towards establishing an all-girl FTC and FRC team. Additionally, STEM HQ is working closely with the Pearl City Cats and other at-risk programs to introduce young minds to competitive robotics. 



Innovative ideas.

Teams develop strategy, build robots using cutting-edge technologies, and compete head to head.


Successful projects.

Children discover exciting career possibilities and learn to make positive contributions to society.


Latest technologies.

Students utilize the latest technology and fabrication techniques in the construction of robots.


Great network.

Introduce the young children to the fascinating worlds of science and technology.


New opportunities.

Eye-opening experiences encourage students to become science and technology leaders.


Stay in touch.

Work in a team to build self-confidence, team work, and leadership qualities.